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20 February
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a thousand miles away from you
[ Name ] Katrina Ann Darby

[ Nickname/s ] Kat, Sorrie, Sassy, Neji-chama, Jiji (LEE. >8|), Daja, Vinnie, MoMo

[ Place of Residence ]: South Dakota

[ Family ]: Parents-- Timothy and Kimberly ~ Sister-- Kassandra ~ Brother-- Micheal(deceased)

[ Online Family ]: Unknown for now?

[ Those Close To My Heart ]: p1nkfriday Lynn, molesting Leanna, gviruskisses Jackie, besame Kat, kurodauchiha Melly (THIRD HUSBAND ♥), mereprototype Ken, dia_aren_marie BJ!!, my_closure Allyssa (♥♥), magicalbrains Rynn (anikiiii~), nayanroo Lana (Oreo!), salve Nise, languidly Take, kisu_ringo LAVIII~ (SECOND HUSBAND ♥), morbidxelegance Kakafaaace~ ♥, eaten ZELOS-KUUUN~ ♥

[ Martial Status ]: Taken!

[ Birthday ]: February 20th, 1991

[ Zodiac Sign ]: Want your own digik zodiac card?

[ Birth Stone ]: Amethyst

[ Birth Flower ]: Violet or Primrose. Flower color: Violet, Sky Blue or Yellow. Meaning: Modesty; Faithfulness; Virtue / Young Love

[ Blood Type ]: O+

[ Strength ]: Good listener, writing, English, History, Biology

[ Weakness ]: Math

[ Hobbies ]: Dance Central, anime, manga, writing, game play, roleplaying, story telling, DDR, reading

[ Favorites ]

[ Foods ]: Asian food!♥, Ramen!, sushi!♥, spinach alfredo pizza♥, pocky, Hello Panda, pizza, french fries, chicken breast stuffed with cheese and spinach, hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff, sea salt ice cream, all kinds of fruit and vegetables.

[ Subject ]: Drama, Biology, Psychology, Band

[ Least Favorite Subject ]: Math, World History

[ Bishounen ]: Angel [Dance Central series (Oh, laaawd~ Manly!)], Mo [Dance Central series (CURVES LIKE A WOMAN! ♥)], Glitch [Dance Central 2 (Too. Damn. Cute. >_<)], MacCoy [Dance Central (NERD! ♥)], Sora [Kingdom Hearts(He's so cute and girly acting!)], Riku [Kingdom Hearts(Dark and sexy!)], Akuseru or Axel [Kingdom Hearts(He's on fire, literally! :3)], Rokusasu or Roxas [Kingdom Hearts(So cute and mysterious. . .)], Sephiroth [FF7(I'd hit that. Hell yeah.)], Yazu [FF7 Advent Children(I'd hit that, too.)], Kadaj [FF7 Advent Children(I envy his body. I want that body. Give it.)], Zack [FF7(I'd hit this forever. Even in death. ♥)], Cloud [FF7(I love you, too. 8D)], Reno [FF7(And you.)], Syaoran Li [Card Captor Sakura], Shaoran [Tsubasa RC], Kurogane [Tsubasa RC], Fai D. Flowright [Tsubasa RC], Yue [Card Captor Sakura], Souhma Yuki [Fruits Basket], Souhma Hatsuharu [Fruits Basket], Souhma Kyou [Fruits Basket], Malik/Marik Ishtar [Yu-Gi-Oh!(Fufufu)], Seto Kaiba [Yu-Gi-Oh!(Bastard. ♥)], Ryou Bakura [Yu-Gi-Oh!(You're adorable. ♥)], Yami Yugi/Atemu [Yu-Gi-Oh!(You're old, but sexy too. >:3], Ameruda [Yu-Gi-Oh!(I like redheads too, k?)], Varon/Valon [Yu-Gi-Oh!(You totally stole my eyes. :c)], Dartz [Yu-Gi-Oh!(I love you and your creepy eyes, too.)], Horokeu Usui [Shaman King(CAN I HAVE YOUR BLUE HAIR PLZ?)], Tao Ren [Shaman King(You're sexy. 8D)], Hao Asakura [Shaman King(Gain some weight, but don't get any hotter. 83)], Uchiha Itachi [Naruto (God, I love this man. Seriously. D:)], Orochimaru [Naruto (>:3 ♥)], Uchiha Sasuke [Naruto (♥ Even if he is a total bastard.)], Hyuuga Neji [Naruto (♥)], Nara Shikamaru [Naruto (Smarts, baby~ ♥)] Sabaku no Gaara [Naruto], Kankuro [Naruto], Haku [Naruto (TRAP! ♥)] Lavi [D Gray Man (Hnngh. I think I have a thing for redheads. Maybe it's just him. ♥)], Badou [DOGS (No, I totally have a thing for redheads. :|)] Zelos Wilder [Tales of Symphonia], Belphegor [Hitman Reborn!], Miyavi [J-rock Singer], Gerard Way [My Chemical Romance], Link [The Legend of Zelda], Sheik [The Legend of Zelda], Raiden/Jack [Metal Gear series]

[ Bishoujo ]: Dare [Dance Central (God, I love brits. Asian brits. Whatever. ♥)], Namine [Kingdom Hearts(You're so sweet. ♥)], Larxene [Kingdom Hearts(Bitch. I love you. ♥)], Aerith [FF7(You really don't get enough love. ♥)], Yuffie [FF7(You either. :c)], Tifa [FF7(Or you.)], Anzu Mazaki [Yu-Gi-Oh!(Or you! This is sad. DX)], Sakura Kinomoto [Card Captor Sakura], Sakura [Tsubasa RC], Haruno Sakura [Naruto(She's okay if you get past her Sasuke obsession, really!)], Hyuuga Hinata [Naruto], Temari [Naruto], Ino Yamanaka [Naruto (Same thing as Sakura)], Pirika [Shaman King], Chii [Chobits], Freya [Chobits], Midna [The Legend of Zelda], Presea Combatir [Tales of Symphonia]

[ Anime ]: Pandora Hearts, Card Captor Sakura, Furuba [Fruits Basket], Yu-Gi-Oh!, Shaman King, Naruto [non-dub], Chobits [need to learn more about]

[ Manga ]: Pandora Hearts, Bleach, Fruits Basket, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Shaman King, Naruto (damn, i need to read more)

[ Anime/Manga/Game/Comic Couples ]: Angel x Mo [Dance Central series (My new craaaack!)] Glitch x Mo [Dance Central 2 (... I'll keep you my dirty little secreeet~)], MacCoy x Mo [Dance Central (Derpa, derp, derp. cx D'aawww!)], Oblio/Dare [Dance Central (Totally meant to be!)], Smoker x Hunter [Left 4 Dead (Best duo ever! ♥)], Riku x Sora [Kingdom Hearts (One of my favorite yaoi couplings ever. ♥ They are definitely an OTP!)], Akuseru (Axel) x Rokusasu (Roxas) [Kingdom Hearts (Psh, another OTP! xD)], Yazu x Kadaj [Final Fantasy (Brother love is best love. ♥)], Sephiroth x Kadaj [Final Fantasy (Can you say master and puppet? ♥)], Sephiroth x Yazu x Kadaj [Final Fantasy (OT3 ♥)], Cloud x Kadaj [Final Fantasy (So sweet. More brother love!)], Zack x Kadaj [Final Fantasy (Not possible? It is because I said so. >c)] Zack x Cloud [Final Fantasy], Vincent Nightray x Xerxes Break [Pandora Hearts (Oh, the hatesex. |D)], Yuki Souhma x Hatsuharu Souhma [Furuba/Fruits Basket], Kyou Souhma x Hatsuharu Souhma [Furuba/Fruits basket], Syaoran Li x Sakura Kinomoto [Card Captor Sakura], Shaoran x Sakura [Tsubasa RC], Malik/Marik x Yami no Yuugi [Yu-Gi-Oh!], Seto Kaiba x Yami no Yuugi [Yu-Gi-Oh!], Yami no Bakura x Varon [Yu-Gi-Oh!], Ameruda x Varon [Yu-Gi-Oh!], Dartz x Varon [Yu-Gi-Oh!], Tao Ren x Horokeu Usui [Shaman King (Come on, they fight like cats and dogs. Seriously?)], Hao Asakura x Horokeu Usui [Shaman King (Fire and Ice go good together, yes?)], Uchiha Itachi x Uchiha Sasuke [Naruto (Seriously, my favorite Naruto couple ever. It's canon, dudes. :|)], Uchiha Itachi x Hyuuga Neji [Naruto (Looove. So tied with Ita/Sasu! ♥)], Nara Shikamaru x Hyuuga Neji [Naruto (Genius' ftw~ ♥)], Sai x Hyuuga Neji [Naruto (...I ship it hard. D8)], Belphegor x Hyuuga Neji [Hitman Reborn! and Naruto (Again, crossovers own. |D ESPECIALLY THIS ONE.)], Orochimaru x Uchiha Sasuke [Naruto (Obviously? >_>)], Uzumaki Naruto x Hyuuga Neji [Naruto (♥ So much)], Sabaku no Gaara x Hyuuga Neji [Naruto ( ... ♥ the redheads. ffff Neji attracts them.)], Lavi x Hyuuga Neji [D. Gray-Man and Naruto (CROSSOVERS OWN. Oh God, this is my crack. Hnnngh. ♥)], Uzumaki Naruto x Uchiha Sasuke [Naruto (DAMMIT I BLAME J. ilu hubby. :c)], Hozuki Suigetsu x Hyuuga Neji [Naruto (GODDAMN IT REI >c)], Uzumaki Naruto x Hyuuga Hinata [Naruto (♥)], Sabaku no Gaara x Sabaku no Kankuro [Naruto (Incest is best? 8D)], Akasuna no Sasori x Sabaku no Kankuro [Naruto], Sabaku no Kankuro x Sai [Naruto], Akasuna no Sasori x Deidara [Naruto], Tobi x Deidara [Naruto], Zelos Wilder x Hyuuga Neji [Tales of Symphonia and Naruto (THANKS A LOT VICKI. :|)], Uzumaki Naruto x Haruno Sakura [Naruto], Uzumaki Naruto x Hyuuga Hinata [Naruto], Zant x Midna [The Legend of Zelda], Link x Sheik [The Legend of Zelda], Zelos Wilder x Presea Combatir [Tales of Symphonia]

[ Video Games ]: Left 4 Dead series, Dance Central series, Kingdom Hearts series, Final Fantasy games, Star Fox games, All the Zelda games, Super Smash Brothers, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Tales of Symphonia, Soul Calibur II, Donkey Kong 1, 2, and 3, Shaman King: Power of Spirit, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 and 4, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within, Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, Zelda games, DDR games.

[ Movies ]: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Mirrors, Stay Alive, 1408, Silent Hill, White Noise, Sin City, Hancock, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Where The Red Fern Grows, House Of A Thousand Corpses, The Devils Rejects, Ghost Ship, Both Men In Black movies, The Pagemaster, Bruce Almighty, Deep Blue Sea, A lot of Disney movies, Ghost Watcher, Cabin Fever, The Haunting, Freddy Vs. Jason . . . Let's just say any good horror, action, children's, or comedy movie.

[ Books ]: Identical, Impulse, Eragon, Eldest, Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras, Blood and Chocolate, Maximum Ride series, Bottled Up, The House Of the Scorpion, You Don't Know Me, Luna, Keeping You a Secret, Define `Normal`, Crank, Glass, Fallout, Burned, Just Listen, This Lullaby, and more.

[ Songs/Albums ]: Waaay too many to mention.

[ Quote(s) ]: ``Thinking of you, wherever you are.. We pray for our sorrows to end, for our hearts to blend.

Now, I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows? Starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe.. It has already begun.

There are many worlds, but they share the same sky--one sky, one destiny.
`` [Kingdom Hearts II quote]

``If you think I'm just some stupid kid ruled by emotions, then so be it.`` [Uchiha Sasuke quote]

``Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love is by far the purest type of love...`` [Some quote I found on an Ita/Sasu picture. It's totally true!]

[ Dream ]: To be a nurse